Tobago is the smaller of the two islands that are The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Volcanic in origin, Tobago has a hilly spine known as Main Ridge whose highest point, Pigeon Peak, reaches only 550 meters (1804 ft).  The Tobago Forest Reserve, established in 1764, is said to be the oldest protected rainforest in the Western world.  Covering over one third of the island, the reserve boasts a great diversity of birds, butterflies, mammals, frogs, nonpoisonous snakes and other invertebrates.  The inhabitants of Tobago number just under 50,000 and unlike multi-ethnic Trinidad, are primarily of African descent. Increasingly, a number of Trinidadians of East Indian descent and Europeans of various nationalities join them in sharing a level of pleasant friendliness that is infectious and welcoming. 

The village of Castara is nestled on the West coast of Tobago, a 20 mile/45 minute drive from the airport in Crown Point.  With the rainforest forming its backdrop, the little fishing village and its beaches, Big Bay and Heavenly Bay (or Little Bay) boasts attractions both beautiful and satisfying.  From colorful sunsets and lovely moon rises to eventful forest and beach exploration, life among the warm and helpful people of the little village lends itself to countless enjoyable and restful moments. 

Children on Castara main beachCastara is where you will find SeaScape.  Perched above Heavenly Bay, among tropical foliage, the accommodations provide a comforting level of privacy, while allowing spectacular views from each of its living spaces.  One may choose to make the most of this privacy by enjoying self-prepared meals and dining in or perhaps venture into the village to enjoy a meal at one of the quaint little restaurants or cafes.

A visit to the village bakery is a must.  Located across the footbridge behind the health center, the bakery boasts one of the last traditional clay ovens still in use on the island.  Operating on Wednesday and Saturdays only, the bakery is run by village ladies using age old methods to produce their tasty loafs and pastries.

You should also be sure to see the local waterfall.  The trail starts just beyond the football pitch.  After an easy 20 minute trek following the stream you will be greeted by a lovely cascading waterfall.  

These are just a few of the countless enjoyable experiences awaiting you!

For general visitor information about Tobago, we recommend www.myTobago.info.