Our local manager, Rolling will check-in on you regularly to see to your needs and answer any questions you may have. Below you will find basic information to help you plan your holiday.

Getting to and from the Airport:

Airport pick-up and return services can be arranged at a fee. For the more adventurous, car hire is available and we can make recommendations upon request. Please let us know in advance if you would like our assistance in arrange transportation or hiring a car.


Although all basic necessities are available in the village, shop hours and the availability of any particular item can be random. We strongly recommend you buy all food and necessities before you arrive in Castara. A stop at the Supermarket should be included with any airport pick up. You can then supplement your provisions from the local shops during your stay. (Note for coffee drinkers: we recommend you bring your own ground coffee for our coffee machines!).


Our housekeeper, Lavorne will tidy up and provide a complete linen change every three to four days. A full cleaning will be given on a weekly basis for those enjoying longer holidays. All house towels and linens are provided.   Beach towels are available upon request.

Safety and Security:

We encourage you to exercise all normal precautions and be mindful of your safety and the security of your belongings during your stay.  Safes have been provided in each of the bathrooms for storing your valuables and all windows and shutters are equipped with latches.  Like you would at home, lock all doors and shutters at night and while you're away. 

SeaScape is a beautiful, all wood structure.  As such we request that you refrain from burning candles or smoking while in the apartment.  Also, upon your arrival, please acquaint yourself with the location of the fire extinguisher.

Water and Electricity:

From time to time the village experiences service outages for the water or electricity.  You will find a torch located along the living room wall in each apartment.  As with most things Caribbean, patience will see you through.  We have found these times to be the best for taking a walk about the village, a dip in the sea, or enjoying how stunning the evening stars can be without light pollution. 

Also note that the electricity supply is 110 volts and the tap water is perfectly safe to drink.


Tobago is a tropical island so insects can be plentiful. The village is now being sprayed for mosquitoes regularly which has helped tremendously, but do take precautions and bring repellant. Each of our beds are equipped with mosquito nets and we have found that dimming the lights in the evenings and turning on the overhead fans work wonders in keeping insects to a minimum.


For a refundable deposit of 100TT, we provide at no charge a "pay as you go" cell phone for use during your stay. We also offer free Wi-fi throughout SeaScape for use with your laptop or Wi-fi enabled mobile device.

Trips and Tours:

A wide variety of activities including boat trips, guided rainforest walks, diving, fishing, and bird watching can be arranged in the village.

We hope this information helps you in planning your holiday. Castara is a wonderful off-the-beaten track location with all its beauty, simplicity, and quirks still in place. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have so that we can help ensure you fall in love with Tobago, Castara, and SeaScape the way we have!